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Please note when making reservations that Seattle Restaurant Week menus are not available Fridays, Saturdays or for Sunday brunch.

Lunch Menu

2 Courses for $18

Zuppa Dil Giorno

Daily Chef's Choice

Mediterranean Chop Insalata

Roasted and fresh Italian Vegetables, garbanzo beans, salamis and provolone in Mediterranean creamy vinaigrette

Cesare Insalata

Chopped Romaine heart lettuce in classic Ceasar’s dressing


Grilled Polenta With Italian Sausage

 Served in a wild mushroom demi glaze with grilled homemade sausage

Broccoli Penne

Broccoli florets tossed over penne pasta in a roasted garlic sauce (vegetarian, gluten free available) 

Gluten Free Pasta Primavera

Fresh pasta sautéed with an array of colorful seasonal vegetables and a touch of pomodoro marinara (gluten free available)


Dinner Menu

3 Courses for $33

Seafood Bisque

Cream of prawns, mussels and clams with a touch of Torres brandy

Goat Cheese And Pesto Bruschetta

Grilled ciabatta al olio topped with a double layer of goat cheese and pesto

Antipasto Vegetale

Roasted  bell peppers, eggplant, zuchini, marinated artichokes and kalamata olives

Insalata Mista

Organic Mix greens with tomatoes an cucumbers in balsamic vinaigrette


Smoked Salmon Rigatoni Alla Grappa

In classic Alfredo with flambé grappa liqueur

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Arborio rice cooked to perfection, oven finished, with chanterelle, shitake and cremini mushrooms (gluten free)

Chicken And Rosemary Ravioli Al Pesto

Homemade ravioli in pine nut and basil sauce


Caramelized Pears Chardonnay

Flambé in 12 year aged brandy

Tiramisu Al Vin Santo

Our signature lady fingers cake al vin santo with mascarpone cream and dark chocolate

Chocolate Mousse Imperiale

Semi sweet chocolate mousse served garnished with marmellata di frutte


Lunch Mon-Frid 11-2, Dinner Mon-Sun 5-10



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Andiamo Ristorante


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