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Participate in one of the most popular dining events in the Northwest. Seattle Restaurant Week puts your restaurant in the spotlight, with advertising, and an aggressive promotion and partnership with The Seattle Times and Seattle Good Business Network. Check out the restaurant FAQ for details of the promotion.

In 2018, Northwest shellfish, the first of several seasonal events will be introduced. Restaurants that register for Seattle Restaurant Week will be able to pre-register at the same time for the January shellfish event, at a significant discount. Learn more here.

To participate in the Fall promotion of SRW, you must complete each of the following steps:

If you are registering more than one restaurant, these requirements need to be submitted for each location.

  • About SRW

    Seattle Restaurant Week invites people across King County to dine out for a deal. More than 165 restaurants in nearly every neighborhood in the Seattle area offer a special three-course dinner menu for $33, and many also offer three-course lunches for $18 (Sunday through Thursday only; excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch).

    Seattle Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to visit the award-winning restaurants you’ve always wanted to try and to rediscover old favorites. It’s a celebration of the cuisine that makes our region a culinary hot spot.

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