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Please provide three to five options per course (minimum three options per course, at least one vegetarian option is highly recommended). A three-course dinner for $35 with a value of $42 or more is required, along with an optional two-course lunch for $20 with a value of $22 or more. Options should be of true value, subject to verification. Menus must have a total of 9 items (typically broken out 3 options per course, but open to flexibility).

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  • Celebrate Our Culinary Scene

    Dining deals abound during Seattle Restaurant Week. More than 165 local restaurants serve up three-course dinners for just $35, and many also offer two course lunches for $20. You’ve got to taste it to believe it!
  • About SRW

    Seattle Restaurant Week invites people across King County to dine out for a deal. More than 165 restaurants in nearly every neighborhood in the Seattle area offer a special three-course dinner menu for $35, and many also offer two-course lunches for $20 (Sunday through Thursday only; excluding Friday, Saturday and Sunday brunch).
    Seattle Restaurant Week is a great opportunity to visit the award-winning restaurants you've always wanted to try and to rediscover old favorites. It’s a celebration of the cuisine that makes our region a culinary hot spot.
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